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About Tara Miller

Once Upon a Time. . .

I started out in this world, the way every little girl dreams – a princess. I grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado near the acclaimed Broadmoor Hotel. At a young age, I was exposed to the “finer” things in life. By the age of three, my mother had hired my very first interior designer (she would not be my last.) Designers would come to our home and present me with books, filled with gorgeous samples of wallpaper, fabric and paint. I was allowed to have anything I wanted, down to the custom-made sheets.

As I grew, so did my interest in interior design. My family owned numerous investment properties and allowed me to cut my teeth on these homes, picking out the paint, tile, carpet, etc. Before there was ever such a thing as “staging a home,” I was doing it. Once I reached high school, I was allowed to design my room and bedroom from the ground up and remodel the family basement – everything from the hard finishing to the décor items. It was so much fun and it all came easy to me. I had found my calling.

For the whole of my life, thus far, I knew both luxury and design.

A Reversal of Fortune

As an adult, I needed to make my own path.I began a professional career in interior design/decorating. With 3 great kids, I quickly learned that I definitely could not have anything I wanted anymore!

Having a family and living on a tight, at times, nearly nonexistent budget was a difficult transition. This was especially true after my divorce. Being a single mom was the ultimate test, without a nest egg, I had to start all over again from the ground up. But making my own way, with three young children to support, gave me a new perspective on the world. During that time I learned how to do a lot with a little and I developed a skill for affordable but still elegant, interior design.

Since then, I’ve gone on to rebuild my life and shape my career, designing and decorating homes and offices throughout the United States. I am passionate about what I do and how my experiences and knack for discerning people’s needs and personalities, can help improve the quality of their life through design.

Luxury without Pretension

Though my fairy tale had a great start, I won’t lie – it was hard to go from riches to rags. But I wouldn’t change those experiences for the world. What it taught me, informs all I do for my clients today and how I approach interior design.

You see, what I learned was – how to live beautifully on any size budget – and that helps not only my clients with slim or growing budgets, but those where money is no object. I can do so much more – with less.

So whether you’re a princess in reverse like me, still looking for a frog to kiss or about to be crowned queen – with a little Tarabell’s Designs magic, your space can be the castle of your dreams.